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The Handtuber Offset Calculator

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The Hand Tuber Offset Calculator

The ‘Hand Tuber’ Offset Calculator offers the field tubing specialist a handy tool to accurately place stainless instrument or copper tubing bend offsets in the field, utilising its in-built bender library and specialized calculations for both Metric and Imperial measurements.

This tool has been specifically developed to calculate to all bender angles, and not just 30°, 45°, 60°, and 90°, for those times where tubes are required to be run between obstacles such as beams, cable ladders, and pipework.

‘Hand Tuber’ also allows you the benefit of being able to add your own specific Rotary Draw Center Line Radius Tube Bender to the existing bender choices in the library, and can even contain a photograph of the new bender to assist in fast recognition and selection.

Imperial and metric benders are both included in the inbuilt bender library, and the calculator can be used with both inches and millimeters as a unit of measure with a high degree of accuracy for both types of benders.

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Simple and accurate, time to put that old calculator away

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Put away that beat up old calculator, and toss those offset charts in the bin. Stop guessing where that tube is going to end up, and know precisely to the mm or 16th of an inch where to place those benders for any offset.

The only Offset Calculator on the App store specifically designed for the Instrument Tuber and Plumbing specialist.

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Bends Available

Simple Offset

The simple offset calculates the position of the second bend in a standard 2 bend offset, based on the previous Pre-Bent angle and the offset required for any angle between 0° and 90°.

Predictive Offset

The predictive offset calculates the second bend in a standard 2 bend offset, based on the previous planned bend angle, and the required offset, before either bend in the offset has been bent for any angle between 0° and 90°.

Parallel Offset

The parallel offset calculates the position adjustment of the bend in a parallel tube, by giving the +/- length needed in order to maintain a consistent spacing between tubes with a change in direction.

Long Run Offset

The Long Run Offset calculates the Slope Length and Bend Angle for long runs of tube with a fixed or known Offset and Run length.

Back Bend Offset

The Back Bend Offset calculates the bender 0° position, for a bend that folds back on itself at an angle greater than 90°. This is useful when running tube on beams and cross braces.

Joint Offset

The Joint offset calculates the measurements and offsets to aid in the positioning of an offset tube joint or connecter in a specific location, and gives the measurements to place the center of the joint.

Fall Calculation

The Fall Calculator calculates the fall or Offset amount, over a set distance based on a fall ratio. The usual fall minimum for tubing in instrumentation is 1:12 or 8.33%

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